Tried To Stop It

26 Aug

At one point i’d realised that i wasn’t getting anywhere by just ignoring these bullies, so i went to a teacher at school who was my tutor, she said she couldn’t do anything because these people wern’t in my form class, so she just left it for me to carry on having to deal with. I kept going back to her and in the end she told the person in charge of our year group, she didn’t ask to speak to me, once again it was just left for me to deal with.
When i got into year 10 i got a new head of year and i thought that she might be a bit more helpful, she tried to stop it but it wasn’t going to work, it just started to get worse. In year 11 when the school found out i was self harming and i’d tried to kill myself i got involved with this teacher who was in charge of child protection, she was lovely but sadly she didn’t understand how bad the bullying was. She spoke to 2 of the bullies when there were plently more than 2 of them. They started to stop it but then a few days later they started again, i kept going back to her and she just gave me a diary to keep track of everything they do, so i kept filling it in, and i took it back to her at the end of every week, but everything i wrote down she didn’t seem to do anything about.
I decided to stop going to her about it now because it seemed like she didn’t really care and she had more important stuff to deal with.

I tried to stop them but i couldn’t stop them alone.


2 Responses to “Tried To Stop It”

  1. nurseinsomnia August 26, 2011 at 1:13 pm #

    Hi. Its ur twitter friend. Ur blog is awesome! Ur pain just jumps out of the story. I cry everytime I read an entry. Do ur parents know about all this? Does ur school have a no bullying policy?

    • hiddenbeth August 26, 2011 at 1:20 pm #

      Thank you dear! :’)
      Aww *hugs* yes they do, but nobody really knew how bad it was. I tried to tell people but they just didn’t understand.
      Yes they have a no bullying policy but they take no notice of it.

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