They Could Of Done So Much More

19 Oct

It upsets me to think back to being in school because it makes me realise that they could of done so much more to stop the bullying that I was having to put up with.
It makes me feel like I wasn’t important enough for them to stop it. Okay they tried to stop it but when they knew it wasn’t working shouldn’t they of done something more?
I got told that if one certain person didn’t stop bullying me they’d be kicked out of school so I thought maybe this would stop them, but it never did, they carried on bullying me and the teacher never did kick them out of school.
If they stopped the bullying maybe they could of stopped me getting like this. They could of ‘saved’ me.

Schools need to do so much more to stop bullying, every school has a rule about no bullying, but not many schools actually stick to it.

Bullying UK

Bullying needs to be stopped.


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