How Long Until Its Stopped?

17 Nov

How many more people are going to loose their lives to bullying before it is finally stopped?

Do we have to just put up with it and pretend it doesn’t affect us or that we don’t really care what they say when really we do.
Even when the bullying stops it doesn’t mean were just going to forget that it ever happened. It could scar us forever.

We can tell teachers and we can tell the police but that’s all we can do, we can’t stop it ourselves.
It needs to be made illegal. There are rules in school about bullying but when i was in school those rules didn’t seem to be stuck to, or maybe i just wasn’t important enough for them to care.

I was bullied by one of my teachers too at some point, but yet again nobody seemed to care.
I just had to cope with it on my own because the teachers couldn’t stop it or they didn’t want to stop it.

Now that i’ve left school i haven’t heard from the teachers, so to me it seems like they didn’t care 😦

Stay Strong And Keep Fighting!


One Response to “How Long Until Its Stopped?”

  1. angel2angel January 30, 2012 at 8:08 am #

    Very true, for long after the name calling and jeers have stopped the scars that it has left remain with a person for a life time. It is these scars that will define our characters, in life, it is these scars that should never of been inflicted in the first place that have the ability to take away a persons self worth, self esteem and turn them into a shy and quite person who a person who is too scared to voice how they feel for fear of more bullies surfacing from somewhere anywhere, out of nowhere once again……….long after the bullying that people seem to shun off as school yard play is over the words and actions of those who made you feel out cast in the first place will linger, and you will never ever forget. The cliche out of sight out of mind is one that these teachers seem to live by, they seem to think that once your out of the class room and into the workforce you will be alright, you will get over it, however they neglect to realize that the words and actions of those who have picked on you throughout your years of growing into an adult will stay with you, like the voice in the back of you mind, constantly nagging at you or reminding you of what is less than perfect.

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