Why Bully?

11 Dec

“Everyone will get bullied sometime in his or her lifetime”

I could never hurt someone else, i could never say something horrible to someone so many times that they believe it, or so many times that they loose all the confidence they had in themselves.

There are so many reasons why people bully but they usually only bully around other people so they nearly always have an audience, which makes the bully feel more ‘popular’ and ‘cool’.
Some people bully because they are upset with themselves so they bully others to make them feel the same as them, and they think this might make them happier with themselves. Or they may be jealous of the person they bully.

Role models have a big part in bullying, if someone’s role model is seen bullying someone then the person may think it is ok to do the same, which is the same with TV/Movies if there is fighting, children don’t know it’s acting so they might think it is ok to do.

There are so many other reasons.
Bullying needs to be stopped.

Together We Can Stop Bullying.

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