To The Victims Of Bullying,

14 Dec

So i’m writing this post for all the victims of bullying.

Please know that you are never alone, so many other people are being bullied.
What they say to you is not because its true or not because you’ve done anything wrong, it’s because they are jealous, trying to be popular, have problems of their own, been bullied themselves, or so many other reasons, it’s never because of you. I know that when someone says something so many times you start to believe it but just know that, they aren’t. I was called fat, if you see a picture of me you’d see i’m not really fat. And i was also called a slag, when i hadn’t even had a boyfriend, and so many other names.

I know that sometimes it seems like giving up is the only option but this would mean that the bullies have won, and what then.. they might just move on to a different person and not learn from what they have done to you. Some people don’t realise how much pain bullying causes but i wish they’d understand that it causes many lives to be lost.

Don’t leave it too late to tell someone, as soon as it starts you should tell someone because it might be easier to stop at the beginning rather than after a few months or years. You may worry about it getting worse if you tell someone but, is it not better trying to stop it than to just let it happen?
I left it too late and now i regret doing that because i’ve been suffering for so long and i still am. If i told someone as soon as it started happening they may of been able to stop it.
Don’t feel like you should leave school because of these horrible people though, you shouldn’t be the one to leave, they should.

There are so many websites or helplines to support you:
These are just a few.

Bullying can cause depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, eating disorders, self harm, suicide, and so many other things. Please just realise that bullying needs to be stopped.

You are stronger than you think, so keep fighting, and know that together we can and will put an end to bullying.

Please help me spread this post by sharing it. I want to try and help people, it would mean a lot to me.


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