I’m Not Stopping Until Bullying Is Finally Stopped.

1 Jan

I’m still being bullied but it doesn’t stop me helping other victims. It keeps me going and keeps me motivated.

When you tell someone you’re being bullied and all they say is “oh just ignore them” that needs to stop, bullying needs to be sorted out, not just left because it could get worse.
If you just leave it for the victim to deal with you don’t know what they’ll do themselves to stop it. They could fight back, or what if they start doing things to themselves? You could of stopped it from happening.
Victims of bullying may turn to self harm, suicide, and so many other things.

– More than 24,000 teenagers are admitted to hospital in the UK each year due to the severity of their injuries after deliberately harming themselves
– 1 in 12 children and young people deliberately self-harm
(Statistics from www.theplace2be.org.uk)

16 children kill themselves each year because they are being bullied at school and i was nearly one of them. It just seems like the bullying will never stop and that its the only way out and the only way for it to stop.

Bullying can change a person, and i know this because it has changed me. I used to be so happy, but now i struggle with my depression which i was diagnosed with because of the bullying. I struggle with self harm and suicidal thoughts, which have also been caused by the bullying.
The bullying hasn’t just torn me apart, it has affected my family and my friends too. I lost friends because i started self harming, i don’t really have any friends anymore, and i never go out because i’m too scared of seeing the bullies.
I left school because of bullying, and i’m too scared to go to college or get a job. My family say that i’m useless because i’m not doing anything. My cousin says if i don’t get a job she’ll disown me, but she doesn’t know why i haven’t got one and she doesn’t know about my depression or anxiety.

You’re not alone.

When is this going to stop?

I won’t stop until bullying has stopped.
Together we can stop it.

Oh and happy new year to you all!
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