“Get Over It.”

16 Jan

Someone told me to “Get over it” when i told them about the bullying, i thought maybe of putting them into the situation of being me and all the other victims of bullying and then see if maybe they’d realise you can’t just get over it, it’s not that easy. If one day we could just wake up and decide to be happy don’t you think we would do this.

Do you think being called fat at least once a day for at least a year that you’d just be able to forget about it? Do you not think that this would change the way that person looked at themself and how much they eat or don’t eat..
After being called ugly so much do you think you can just forget someone ever said that to you? Is it easy to get your confidence back after someone has said this to you for so long?
Is it easy to just put someone’s comments behind you if it is still happening? If your confidence is still being lowered how is it possible to build it back up, i know maybe if you took yourself out of the situation it would be easier but you’d still never get over it.
After being told it would be good if you were dead would you not feel alone and not wanted?
Do you think if someone tries to trip you over everyday maybe you might start walking with your head down to make sure they don’t trip you up?
Do you not think you’d be scared to go into public incase you see these people?
Do you not think this would change your life and your view of other people?

Do you not realise what this could do to someone, how calling someone fat could cause an eating disorder, how telling someone they’re better off dead could cause a suicide.

As someone who has been through all of this and is still going through it i’m going to speak for other victims of bullying, i want my voice to be heard. I want to speak for other victims of bullying and i want bullying to be stopped.

They can break us down but we will stand together.
Please help me get my voice heard. Share this? Just please help me get this seen. Thank you.


2 Responses to ““Get Over It.””

  1. Shauna Smith January 17, 2012 at 5:10 am #

    It amazes me when people tell you to get over it. They have no clue how hurtful this is and how it really brain washes you into believing everyone thinks this way of you and it stops your life from moving forward. You retreat with in your self and pretty soon your talking the same way to your self.. People have no clue what this is like but its high time they figure it out and help be the voice to stop it.. I wish you the best and I hope this stops soon for you… No one has the right to undermine your confidence in the way a bully does… Just remember they are simply jealous of you and don’t believe the things they say.. They just want to hurt you.. big hugs..

  2. myrustyhalos January 18, 2012 at 2:24 pm #

    It took me a long time to ‘get over it’ and heal from the words that were said when I was bullied. I think putting them in the situation of being bullied would very quickly show them that simply ‘getting over it’ isn’t quite as simple as they thought!

    Have you come across the charity Beatbullying? I’ve recently written about them and how i am hoping to get involved with helping them beat bullying.


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