Too Scared For Education.

18 Jan

What happens when someone becomes too scared to go to school/college/uni or even get a job because of the bullying they have been through?

I know of an amazing and strongly needed charity for the recovery of bullied Children up to the age of 18 called the Red Balloon Learner Centre. They are for Children who have been severely bullied and are unable to go to school, they help the Children build back up their confidence and support them to return to school, further  education or employment.

This is the only help i have heard of to help the victims of bullying build back up their confidence so they can go back into education or get a job. What about people over the age of 18? I know we can go into therapy to try to get over what happened to us but what if therapy doesn’t work?
So many people in work get bullied, and some people will leave work due to this bullying, some people may find another job but what about people who don’t and are too scared to go back into work? A lot of people also leave college and uni due to bullying, too scared to go back incase they get bullied further.

As someone who left education because of bullying and is too scared to get a job or volunteer i wish there was some sort of thing like the Red Balloon Centre for people over 18, where we can still learn and build the confidence to get back into what we were doing. As i am 17 and will be 18 this year I wouldn’t be able to get help from the Red Balloon Centre’s.

You become too scared that the future will be the same, and it stops you moving forward, you just stop everything. You just need help to move forward.
Everyone needs help sometimes.

Help me get my voice heard.
Thank you.


One Response to “Too Scared For Education.”

  1. juliet January 19, 2012 at 2:00 pm #

    Im going through similar fears. Ive been stalked and attacked by 2 bosses, and still trying to work on my agoraphobia.
    its been a difficult journey, i only have one support system and they live far away so experiencing all this stress and confusion alone has really put a strain on my health.
    Thanks for your posts, im hoping one day i can write again as well.
    Good luck, stay strong and i will try to as well.

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