I Want To Change The World.

22 Jan

I don’t want to live in a World like this anymore, i want to help change the World so it’s a better place.

I want to help stop bullying so that kids don’t have to be too scared to go to school or adults are worried about going to work. I don’t want people to give up their lives because of bullying, well actually.. i don’t want people to harm themselves in any way because of bullying, i don’t want people to self harm because of other people, or make themselves sick because of other people, and every other thing bullies cause people to do to themselves.

You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes ,you may kill me with your hatred, but still, like  air, i’ll rise.

Nobody is perfect, and everyone should be treated the same.

Bullying shouldn’t happen, there have been so many suicides because of this, how many more is it going to take before bullying is finally stopped.

Any form of abuse is wrong and needs to be stopped now.

Words hurt.

I am not going to stop speaking up about this, i won’t be silenced, and i appreciate everyone that helps me and supports what i am doing. I hope to make a difference.
Please help me get my voice heard.

Thank you.


One Response to “I Want To Change The World.”

  1. angel2angel January 22, 2012 at 10:46 pm #

    A noble cause, yes, and agreeably bullies are always going to be out there, however a bully only has the control or power for their words to cut, their stares to burn, or their name calling to actually effect you, as long as individuals give them the power to continue hurting them.
    From personal experience and I know this for a fact, when you take away the power you and you alone has given to the bully, be it in the workplace, school yard or even neighborhood you live in, you have taken away the bullies so called super powers……yes suicides are a reality, however the bully merely made a smart or nasty comment the individual who took his or her own life created their ultimate consequence.

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