Have You Signed?

9 Nov

Please take a look at this petition by Red Balloon http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/26152

It is so important to have alternative education for people who are being severely bullied, and i just know this would benefit so many people. So many young people are not attending school because of the bullying they encounter, and this affects their view on the future, but if these young people were to go to alternative education and see how different it is from school, and how the people there are different and how they are treated differently this would help them so much, and would help to change their view on the future.

From personal experience, when i wasn’t attending school i got into a cycle of never leaving the house, because i was so scared and so hurt, i didn’t want to see these people who bullied me, and when you get into a cycle its so hard to get out of, i attended school sometimes but my attendance was terrible,  i used to say that i was ill all the time, and when i was in school sadly i had to take something with me that i could use to self harm, and if something happened and somebody said something to me, i’d go to the toilets and cut myself, nobody ever found out. I used to go to school and just think of all the ways i could kill myself while i was there, i knew there was a train track near by, and also a bridge, i couldn’t stop these thoughts and urges, and they stopped me being able to concentrate on my work.

So this petition is very important to me, and i know that if i knew about the Red Balloon Centre’s when i was younger i would of benefited from them so much.
So please do sign this petition, and please share this.

Thank you so much.


One Response to “Have You Signed?”

  1. Carrie Herbert November 11, 2012 at 4:42 pm #

    Thank you for your very personal description of the bullying you experienced – I am sorry – and it would have been good to have you at A Red Balloon. Also thanks for the positive plug or our petition – I do hope we can get more people to sign it.

    Carrie Herbert. CE Red Balloon Learner Centres.

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