Let Me Forget.

25 Nov

You think you know the affects of bullying?

I wish i could just forget everything that has happened to me, I struggle so much because of what happened, the problems i have started because of the bullying.

My mental health is not great at the moment, sometimes i’ll cry for no reason, and i’m on edge most of the time, i struggle with relationships, i find it hard to make new friends, i can’t go a day without thinking of suicide, i’ve been self harming for a very long time.
The way i see myself is horrible, i can hardly look in a mirror, i just want to cry when i see myself, i feel so fat and ugly because that’s what i’ve been told i am. I feel self concious all of the time, i feel people are always looking at me, and i think they’re looking at me because i’m so ugly and fat. I think that nobody can love me because of all the problems i have and because of the way i look.
I have trust issues, it takes me a while to build up my trust and then it can be broken down so quickly by little things because the littlest things affect me so much.

”I can make it through the rain, i can stand up once again”

I’d love to be able to tell my story, i told my story to the Welsh Government and i’d love to be able to do more things like that.
Please help me get my voice heard.


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