What’s This World Coming To.

1 Feb

I went shopping into town with my brother, we just walked past these young lads and then we heard shouting.
We turned round to see a litter picker man had picked up a can from near these young lads, and they weren’t happy with that, they just started shouting “what the f**k do you think you’re doing?” and this poor man thought they were just having a joke with him, but sadly they weren’t, this man just walked away leaving things at that, not getting involved with them and just not letting it get out of hand.
Sadly the young men weren’t stopping there, they were still shouting at the man while he was walking away, they were picking up rubbish and throwing it at him and laughing to each other.
So many people were just standing watching with disgust, nobody would stick up for the man, everybody just stood silently, and the man couldn’t stick up for himself as there was only 1 of him when there were about 8 of them.

It seemed to be dying down as the man had walked away, and the young men stayed where they were, so we carried on walking, we went into another shop and then when we came out we thought the lads had gone, but they’d only moved, we walked past a street and seen that the lads were following the man, shouting abuse at him and still throwing rubbish at him.

I was so disgusted, i wanted to get involved but i was scared about what would happen, they were around the same age as me and there was more of them, i feel so sorry for the man, he was only doing his job. He was doing nothing wrong. Nobody has the right to do this to someone.

Why has it come to that we are so scared of young people, or that us young people are so scared of each other. Why is it that if you walk past a shop with young people standing outside you feel uncomfortable and maybe you change the way you go? Things shouldn’t be like this.

We need to change the World. Please help me get my voice heard. Thank you so much.


2 Responses to “What’s This World Coming To.”

  1. Sue February 10, 2013 at 10:07 pm #

    Beth, you are helping change the world by sharing and by being kind. Keep up the good work.

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