You Are Beautiful.

10 Feb

No matter what size you are, what colour your hair is, what your background is, what clothes you wear, no matter how many scars you have etc, you are beautiful, no matter what anyone else says.

People will try to put you down but just so you know, they’re only jealous.
Beauty is what’s on the inside not the outside, some people may look good on the outside but on the inside they could be a horrible person. To me, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

You may think that nobody loves you and that nobody wants you, but i do. There is someone out there who you mean the World to, you may not know who they are yet, but one day, you will see, you are so very important.

We can get through these dark days together, so please stay strong with me.
You are much stronger than you think.

Stay Strong Beautiful

light at end of tunnel


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