Just Another Teen Trying To Find Her Place In The World.

4 Jun

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People ask me what i want to do with my life.. loads of thoughts go through my head, but really, my answer is.. i don’t know, and to be honest, i’m definitely not ready to go into the proper ‘big wide world’ yet.

The ‘big wide world’ seems such a scary place, so many people, so many places, and all i can think of is what if even more people start treating me like i was treated in school again? I know that people will say that i won’t be treated like that, but that’s what the things i’ve been through have done to the way i think, i always think of what could go wrong, always the negatives, and i try so hard to say to myself what they positives are too!

I have a boyfriend.. we’ve been together for about 2 months now.. i love him, he knows what i’ve been through, and he tries to understand, but it’s hard if you haven’t been through it yourself. He calls me beautiful, i just laugh at him, he can’t be talking about me, i’m not beautiful! I’ve been called ugly far too many times and my self confidence has dropped far too much for me to think positively about the way i look.

The problem with me is that i am on edge all of the time, so it’s hard to be in a relationship or a friendship with me, the littlest thing or comment can annoy me and i can get so angry over something tiny! I’m on medication that keeps changing all the time until they get it right, my mood is never stable, i cry over tiny things, i don’t want to be alive, i think the worst of everything.
There is positives too though, although i can’t see things that are beautiful about me, i can see things that are beautiful in others, i don’t judge people, i accept people as they are, i try to help people as much as i can, i’m starting to accept the scars that i have, and sometimes (not very often) i walk around with short sleeves instead of big thick jumpers in summer.

It’s so hard to find your place in this world, and some people may never like you no matter how much you try to change for them to like you, it’s important to realise that the people that accept you as you are, they are the important ones, and they are the ones that deserve your friendship.

You are beautiful, you are strong, you can do this.
Take Care ❤
Feel free to contact me via email – missbeth94@hotmail.co.uk



3 Responses to “Just Another Teen Trying To Find Her Place In The World.”

  1. Maxwell Haynes June 10, 2013 at 12:04 pm #


    Thankyou for sharing your story 🙂 it can be hard to write these things down, especially sharing it with others. I know how you feel. Since I was 11 I’ve suffered with anxiety issues and it can dominate your life. At one stage I was happy in who I was, unfortunately about a year and a half ago all the problems raised there ugly heads again due to life pressures, stresses and worries and now I’m in a huge hole trying to climb out. So reading posts like yours and understanding that I’m not alone with my problems is a great help :). I try and plough my issues into my music and film, in fact any way of communicating them to others can be a great help so I’d encourage anyone reading these blogs and posts to try doing them yourselves, it can help :).

    Thanks again, and best wishes, you will find happiness in yourself, it’s just a matter of time :).


    • hiddenbeth June 22, 2013 at 10:26 am #

      Thank you so much for your reply, your feedback means a lot xxxx

  2. sharingmyview July 7, 2013 at 8:58 am #

    Reblogged this on Sharingmyview's Blog and commented:
    You can do this!

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