It helped me to get advice from other people being bullied which is why i made this page.
If you are being bullied i have some advice for you, i think knowing someone else has got through it can help.

My advice to you:
Tell someone– tell your favourite teacher if you are in school, or tell your boss if you are working, don’t keep it to yourself, it can be a relief to know someone knows and will try to help you. If the person you tell doesn’t help you tell someone else. Every school and every workplace should have an anti bullying policy, and it’s there for a reason so they should use it and stick to it. If they don’t they could get into trouble.

Don’t just ignore it– You shouldn’t have to ignore it and you shouldn’t have to deal with it, it won’t stop by ignoring it.

Don’t accept it– You should never accept that this is happening and then just not do anything because it should be stopped, it shouldn’t happen, therefore you shouldn’t accept something that shouldn’t be happening.

Don’t take time off– I know it can seem the best thing to just get away and stay off school or work but this won’t help you, your attendance will go down and if you are working this may get you fired, or in school it will affect your grades.

Don’t give up– Don’t let the bullies win, you are much better than them, prove the bullies wrong.

Don’t leave education or work because of the bullies– This really won’t help you, this will just make things worse for you, you mood may get lower because you have taken yourself out of social situations.

Talk to helplines outside of school– There are so many different helplines that you can speak to who will try and help you know what to do in the situation you are in.

Don’t let the bullies influence your decisions– In school don’t change your mind about taking certain subjects because the bullies are taking them too, it’s your future not theirs.


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