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Get Connected.

18 Mar

You shouldn’t deal with anything on your own. There are so many helplines out there and so much support available, there are text services, web chat services, phone services and email services. Someone will always be there to help and support you, no matter what time of day, if one helpline isn’t open there will be another, so never feel like no one cares or like you’re going through this on your own.

I’m just posting about get connected who can get you in contact with some support in your area.
Speak up, don’t suffer in silence.

Get Connected is the UK’s free, confidential helpline for young people under 25 who need help and don’t know where to turn. Our service is available 365 days a year and young people can contact us by phone, webchat, email, text message or use our online directory, WebHelp 24/7.

When a young person gets in touch, one of our 100 trained Helpline Volunteers helps them explore their issues.  They offer emotional support and can let them know about appropriate sources of further specialist help from our database of 10,000 trusted organisations.

Visit  for more information or call us free on 0808 808 4994

Chin Up, Don’t Let Them Know You’re Hurting.
You Can Do This. Believe In Yourself.


I Want To Change The World.

22 Jan

I don’t want to live in a World like this anymore, i want to help change the World so it’s a better place.

I want to help stop bullying so that kids don’t have to be too scared to go to school or adults are worried about going to work. I don’t want people to give up their lives because of bullying, well actually.. i don’t want people to harm themselves in any way because of bullying, i don’t want people to self harm because of other people, or make themselves sick because of other people, and every other thing bullies cause people to do to themselves.

You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes ,you may kill me with your hatred, but still, like  air, i’ll rise.

Nobody is perfect, and everyone should be treated the same.

Bullying shouldn’t happen, there have been so many suicides because of this, how many more is it going to take before bullying is finally stopped.

Any form of abuse is wrong and needs to be stopped now.

Words hurt.

I am not going to stop speaking up about this, i won’t be silenced, and i appreciate everyone that helps me and supports what i am doing. I hope to make a difference.
Please help me get my voice heard.

Thank you.

“Get Over It.”

16 Jan

Someone told me to “Get over it” when i told them about the bullying, i thought maybe of putting them into the situation of being me and all the other victims of bullying and then see if maybe they’d realise you can’t just get over it, it’s not that easy. If one day we could just wake up and decide to be happy don’t you think we would do this.

Do you think being called fat at least once a day for at least a year that you’d just be able to forget about it? Do you not think that this would change the way that person looked at themself and how much they eat or don’t eat..
After being called ugly so much do you think you can just forget someone ever said that to you? Is it easy to get your confidence back after someone has said this to you for so long?
Is it easy to just put someone’s comments behind you if it is still happening? If your confidence is still being lowered how is it possible to build it back up, i know maybe if you took yourself out of the situation it would be easier but you’d still never get over it.
After being told it would be good if you were dead would you not feel alone and not wanted?
Do you think if someone tries to trip you over everyday maybe you might start walking with your head down to make sure they don’t trip you up?
Do you not think you’d be scared to go into public incase you see these people?
Do you not think this would change your life and your view of other people?

Do you not realise what this could do to someone, how calling someone fat could cause an eating disorder, how telling someone they’re better off dead could cause a suicide.

As someone who has been through all of this and is still going through it i’m going to speak for other victims of bullying, i want my voice to be heard. I want to speak for other victims of bullying and i want bullying to be stopped.

They can break us down but we will stand together.
Please help me get my voice heard. Share this? Just please help me get this seen. Thank you.


10 Oct


I need to try and get more people to see my blog and more subscribers. I want to try and help more people and hopefully help people realise that if they are being bullied they are never alone. And i want people to see the long term affects of bullying.

Could you help by posting my link to this blog on twitter, facebook etc.

Thank you,
Beth ❤ xx


27 Sep

The bullying made me feel so lonely and I just thought that nobody liked me, I had very few friends but they didn’t really treat me like a friend.
I had my family and I tried to tell them so many times about the bullying but they’d just tell me not to be stupid and they’d say “ignore it”
It just felt like no one understood me and I was going through this alone.

But instead of just coping alone I made a twitter to see if I’d meet any nice people and I’ve met some amazing people who actually understand me.
And then I made this blog and my website to try and help others by telling my story.

Help us stop bullying.


21 Sep

Could you try to help me spread the word about my blog please? Maybe just post the link to it?
I just really want people to see what bullying can do to people, I want to raise awareness by telling my story.
Please help me with this 🙂 thank you ❤


20 Sep

Is it okay to lead people to harm themselves because of some comments/actions?
When are people going to realise that bullying has lead to so many suicides and unless we stop it there are going to be many more.

Please help stop bullying.


19 Sep

I just sat there and ignored them like you told me to, I tried to ask you for help but it just didn’t work.
The time was ticking on and I’d been bullied for so long now that I just didn’t know what to do so I started self harming.
I kept coming back to you telling you that the bullying still wasn’t stopping but yet again you didn’t seem to care, so I went on ignoring them, pretending not to care when really every single comment they said to me broke me a little more.
I’d been self harming for a while before you finally found out but you didn’t seem to realise that this was because of the bullying so still you just said the same thing and I just had to ignore it again.
It was getting harder and I was getting lower, so I tried to kill myself.
The police found out and they asked me questions and then they told you but you still didn’t seem to understand that it was because of the bullying.
So many times I tried to ask you for help but you didn’t listen to me and understand what was happening.
So many times I’ve now tried to kill myself just because of the continuous bullying.
I just wish it would stop.

Please help to end bullying, people shouldn’t have to go through what I went through.

The Hidden Me.

7 Sep

The bullying was the thing that just pushed me over the edge but nobody knows the real affect its had on me.
The bullies used to follow me around shouting at me and calling me names so now where ever I go I feel like there are people following me. They used to trip me up so I always have to look at the floor while walking. They told me I’d be better off dead so now I hear voices telling me the same thing.

Those are the long term affects of bullying that not many people realise.
Please help to end bullying, people shouldn’t have to go through what I’ve been through and what I’m still going through.
Please help make a change.